My Trip to Seattle

I didn’t have very good internet access while I was gone, or I would have updated sooner. I took Micah back to his parents on June 13th, his 1st birthday. It was an evening flight which got delayed almost two hours after we got buckled in. It turned out to be indeed miserable, but I’ll spare you the details.

I got home around noon today and Gary picked me up. I spent the day doing laundry and taking a short nap, then we went out for dinner with Rachel.

Here is a web photo album from my trip:

12-06-13 Linda Takes Micah to Seattle

Also, here are a couple short videos:

Micah climbs the stairs

Micah plays gravity-assisted catch

David starts his residence orientation at a hospital in downtown Seattle on Wednesday. Pray for them as they are starting a new phase of their life and need God’s help to get started well and to make good decisions during this transition period.

I other news, I talked to Laura today who had called to wish Gary a Happy Father’s Day. She was having a rough time with Isabella who was missing her daddy a lot. Andrew did get to talk to them via Skype today since he was back in Addis after a trip to the field.

In other other news, Rachel has bought tickets to go to Alaska for her summer vacation! I’m jealous! Speaking of travel, Gary is off to Spain on Friday for almost a week.

I need to get a good sleep tonight so I can get back to the office and do some work since I’ve been absent for quite a few days.


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