Not Many Birds

Yesterday morning we worked outside to mow and do the edging and clean the deck. Also clean out the bird feeders and water the trees. It is hot and we need rain.

In the evening we took a trip to Cedar Hill state Park, but there were hardly any birds to be seen, and half of the ones we did see, we had a hard time identifying. This Yellow-Crowned Night Heron, however, was an easy ID:

Otherwise, we saw a Great Egret, a Great Blue Heron, a few mangy Mallards, and some swallows. There was also a hawk that we got a good look at, but even so, aren’t sure of the ID–maybe a Cooper’s Hawk.

Another thing we coudln’t ID was this yellow, hairy plant that seems to be strangling the other plants–very odd looking. This patch of stringy stuff was about six by six feet.

Our choir is having a break during July. We still sing the introit and response, but no anthem, and that means no Wednesday night practice.

In other news, Sarah called to say that she did indeed get the job she applied for, filling in at a cancer clinic while someone is on maternity leave. Her job starts in mid August, so she has a little time to enjoy Micah before they have to find some childcare for him. Pray they find a good and safe place for him.


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