Ice Cream for Breakfast

Wow, I need to get cracking–I leave for the airport soon and haven’t even packed yet! But I need to mention why I’m having ice cream for breakfast.

1. I’m celebrating! I took almost $4000 worth of receipts to the insurance company yesterday afternoon, along with photos of our electrical and tree problems, and walked out with a check for all of it reimbursed except the deductible and $300. That was totally amazing and a real blessing from the Lord!

2. It seems the refrigerator is about to die so the ice cream is soup–so I might as well eat it, right? The frig has been cool, but not really cold, ever since coming back on after the 10 hours without power on Friday. Sigh. That might mean using the “extra” money for a new frig instead of putting it back into the new car fund.

I got up at 4:30 this morning and was at Rachel’s house by 5 to take her to the airport. She texted me that she was on the plane safely, on her way to Seattle for a few days followed by a few more days in Alaska to see some friends from her church. Lucky!

I’m off to Michigan at noon myself. Just for a few days to visit my mom, using Gary’s frequent flyer miles, but renting a car in Detroit to drive to Carson City.

Speaking of Gary, I finally got an email from him after three days of not hearing anything. He got there safely and was busily working on his presentations.

OK, I better not miss my plane.


One Response to “Ice Cream for Breakfast”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Hi, I am glad to hear that you got help from the home owners ins. I was trying to comment on your blog all day yesterday but couldn’t get it to take a comment about suggesting that. We had lots of storm damage too. Well, mom and Julie, and they both were able to get some help. We did the clean-up (Fred and Jerry) on the 40ft pine tree next to her house and they said they may apply that to her $250 deductable. So we are hoping today to make a claim on her garage which lost some shingles. Today is one of those hot ones. Glad to hear you will be in Michigan. But atleast today don’t look to get cooled off! But tomorrow and Friday are to be beautiful with a cool front moving through! Good timing on the visit. We won’t be having a campfire any time to soon because of the heat and several trees where snapped off during the storm July 5th and one landed on our bridge over the creek.(Evans Drain) and broke the only suspension bridge in Butternut, and Montcalm County! Wish we could make a claim on that. It will be hard to locate 2 used telephone poles to replace it!

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