A Post from Gary

Well, almost. He did take the photos in the album below. He took them with his cell phone while he was in Ukarumpa last month, and he did so particularly so his parents and sister could see some of the places they knew back in 1972!

Gary’s cell phone is too old to have the capacity to hook it directly to a computer, but I recently discovered that our phone plan includes free photo mail, so I just just mailed each of these photos from his phone to my phone, then I downloaded them from my phone to my computer, then to the web albums. Then after that I sent them to Gary’s big-screen computer so he could make captions for them. Finally, all steps are complete, and here they are, especially for the Simons family.

12-07-16 Gary's visit to Ukarumpa

(If the above doesn’t work, try this link: https://picasaweb.google.com/104129294200934627696/120716GarySVisitToUkarumpa?authuser=0&feat=directlink.)


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