A Chat with Isabella, and Other Things

It finally cooled off a little today so I went for a walk. I decided to wander around the grounds of Pioneer Bible Translators’ new campus which butts up to our back yard. I was shocked to see that they’ve built some hiking trails and an “amphitheater”!

The boys may (or may not) recognize this spot in the back woods where dad took them to a creek.

While we were walking back we got a phone call from Isabella. She informed me she now had a field journal. When I asked her what that was for, she said, “to write down birds.” Not bad for a 4 year old. We hurried back home so we could turn Skype on and talk to her “in person.”

Speaking of birds, I managed to repair my bird feeder this week. I had to drill holes in the super hard Bois d’arc wood because a nail or screw would not go in otherwise.

Lastly, here is what new shoes look like when you aren’t careful where you walk in the woods. I threw my socks away and cut these laces out and put in different ones.


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