Mama Got a New Computer

I agreed to buy the (considerably) less expensive refrigerator, so that made deciding to get a new computer a bit easier. (Though I will have to say that I’m still adjusting to the small freezer…). I had seen this computer at Best Buy while I was refrigerator shopping, and then saw it again at Sam’s Club. My old computer (a Christmas gift from the family–thank you–in 2005) had quit running Chrome (my favorite browser) altogether, and it’s harddrive was nearly full due to my family foto fetish. Anyway, I ordered this Dell Inspiron One 2320 online from Sam’s in an effort that took 5 minutes.

It is kinda like a giant tablet that you can’t really move around in that it has a touch screen and you can use the screen keyboard or screen handwriting for input. Of course, the wireless mouse and keyboard are what I’m more used to. It has a CD/DVD drive built right into the side of the 23 inch monitor. The big size is good for all of us with aging eyes, and I love having it all built in–fewer cables and cords to deal with.

I’m still working on setting it up, but I do have all my photos brought over from the old computer. The next project is getting my iTunes working.

Yesterday I discovered it is also a 23″ TV:

After all the trips we’ve taken recently, and all the appliances we’ve bought, I’m going to have to quit spending money until Christmas!


One Response to “Mama Got a New Computer”

  1. Teresa Smith Says:

    WAY TO GO MAMA!!! My 2005 computer was misbehaving so badly for so long that I finally broke down and formatted the hard drive then reinstalled all the software. I bought the computer refurbished and apparently they put a different ethernet card in it because I couldn’t find a driver to get online. The nice boys at Best Buy hunted down the driver for me and while I was there I touched the touch screen computer and fell deeply in love. Now that my computer works just fine again I can’t wait for it to break down!!!

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