Update on Rachel

But before that, see this pretty tea set and tablecloth that Grandma Judy sent to her great-granddaughter.

I got up early and drove Rachel to her post-op appointment this morning (wow, am I ever glad I get to walk to work and she works from home!). Anyway, the surgery site is healing nicely, and the alignment is partly good and partly not-so-good. For distance vision, her eyes are straight and her vision has even improved a bit. For near vision, her eyes still don’t quite work together, but the dr. seemed hopeful that after 6 weeks of healing there might be more improvement.

The outcome of today’s appointment was that Rachel needed a “temporary” pair of glasses with a new prescription, but with the proviso that the prescription could very well be different again in 6 weeks. Our favorite eye glasses place seemed very helpful–they said they would fill the prescription as it now stands and then redo it in six weeks at no charge! It was difficult to find a new pair of frames for Rachel–we looked at EVERY single pair in the store. Her face is the size of a child’s but she didn’t like the children’s styles. In the end she did order a kids’ style, and we hope it isn’t’ too oaffy!

It was an answer to prayer that Rachel was able to return to work today after her appointment and work all day (with a nap during lunch hour). Thank you all for praying for her. It was a challenging few days, but things are looking up today.


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