Health Report

Not much news at the moment except to say that Rachel continues to improve since her surgery. She has been able to work this week but by the end of the day her eyes feel the strain. Still working on getting some replacement glasses, but she hit a couple roadblocks along the way that are slowing that process down.

In the meantime, Gary is rather sick with a sinus infection or cold or allergies or stress or something. He’s had a quite stressful month, has almost 300 unread emails in his inbox, etc.

The weather has gotten a bit cooler, but it still feels more like summer than fall. We still have hummingbirds at the feeders.

I’m teaching Sunday School for the next 4 weeks, so I’ve got to do some more preps on that today. The unit is on Moses, so at least that will be easy.

A few minutes later: I’m editing this post to say that April was back in the ER last night with a heart rate over 200, so apparently the procedure she had last week didn’t work. 😦 I know they’d all appreciate our prayers.


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