I had never heard of a “sand pan,” but the Sunday School teacher’s book suggested using one to tell the story of Baby Moses in the River Grass. Did you know that the word “bulrushes” has never been heard by children under 32?? Of course, we had to go to Home Depot to buy sand. A plastic bag of sand is VERY heavy, but only costs $3.50.

We also had some fun with a rubber stamp kit of heiroglyphics that Gary bought for me from the British Museum (that would be on the same occasion he had the temerity to actually reach over the railing and touch the Rosetta Stone! (Can you believe he did that? Or admitted to doing that??) The kids stamped out their names with the hieroglyphic stamps and we slapped the samples up onto the MOSES bulletin board for all to admire.

After dinner we had a BBQ lunch while being entertained by The Lost Immigrants band whose guitar player attends our church.

We had rain yesterday–all day, and overnight too. We needed it! There was also a small earthquake in Dallas last night, but we didn’t notice.

Gary is feeling a bit better. Rachel needs new glasses, but is doing OK.


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