Sick this Week, But Getting Better

It really feels like we haven’t relaxed for several weeks, and maybe the stress is getting to me. Or maybe it is just a virus or a food allergy or who knows. On Thursday this week I developed a very sudden debilitating vertigo closely followed by 9-10 hours of vomiting. My head was so dizzy Gary had to hold me up so I wouldn’t choke while vomiting–not a pretty sight. Now it is two days later and I’m much, much better, but still not quite right. If I move my head suddenly or to the side, I get dizzy again. Ugh. On the other hand, Gary has pretty much recovered from his cold/flu/allergy and is now his usual baritone, rather than a bass.

I have to teach SS again tomorrow morning (we’re doing a 5-week unit on Moses), and I had to bake a cake for the church raffle today, so I must be getting better. Here’s the cake I made for the raffle. It is small, 6 inch, covered with fondant and has strawberry butter cream filling.

Here’s the second one I made, for no real reason, but then I sold it to Rachel so she could take it to a party tonight:

It was pretty plain, but then I realized I could use the photo to make virtual birthday cakes for friends:


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