Friday Night

We’ve had another too busy week with work. The Ethnologue is beating us down on numerous fronts. I spent many hours this week trying to whip the bibliography into shape, and Gary has worked hard on the new website and the Bibliography and the maps and, and, and. The book of a million details is my nickname for it.

In other news, the Inca Doves have returned. At one point this week there were Inca Doves, Mourning Doves and White-winged Doves all together in the back yard.

Speaking of birdwatching, my little birder buddy arrives tomorrow evening and she’s supposed to be bringing her field manual. We’ve got plans for feeding the ducks, planting some flowers and a camping trip if the weather holds out. (It was cold last week, and supposed to be cold next week, but the A/C is going at the moment.) Gary is taking Thursday and Friday off work next week so we can all do something together. We will miss Andrew, but happy to see Laura and Isabella.

I loved the drawing one of my Sunday School kids made for me. He asked me if my hair was orange and he said it was him beside be “because we are friends.” I’m not sure how old Tristan is, but he is a little miracle since he almost died a couple years ago when he fell out of a 3rd story window.

Rachel’s eyes continue to heal, but she’s still struggling with the wrong glasses and her brain is still adjusting to how her new vision works. Her new temp glasses should arrive in a few days.

Guess that is about all the news for the moment.


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