One Lung

I went back to the dr. this morning since I didn’t think I was getting well from the pneumonia fast enough. Her reply: “It takes a while, you know…” She had me blow into some gadget to measure lung capacity, and it was below what it should be, no surprise there. She also said I WAS quite a bit better, one lung was clear but the other still had two spots of wheezing. So, I guess I must be half better. Still a few more days of the antibiotic, and I hope I don’t drive everyone around me crazy with my horrible-sounding cough. That, and my baritone voice.

Speaking of the health report, we had blood taken this morning for our “annual” physicals on Thursday. We’ve changed our insurance deductible for this year, so we’re starting at the beginning of the plan year to try to see if changing plans was a good move or not.

I heard a rumor that Baby Micah went Trick-or-Treating already at his church’s event, but Grandma Maureen hasn’t yet revealed the photos. In the mean time, here’s an awfully cute one that they sent us a couple weeks ago. We miss that boy!

We skyped with Andrew and Isabella yesterday for a few minutes. They are awaiting the superstorm. Andrew said he got word that he had been granted some travel funds for another trip to Ethiopia in Dec/Jan.


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