Gary’s Off

We took Gary to DFW airport fairly early this morning for him to start his journey to Bangkok, Thailand, flying on Korean Air. He likes the Bimbop (or however you spell it) that they serve. This is a short trip to go half way around the earth and be back on next Saturday. He will be leading a few workshop sessions on the topic of local ownership of language development.

While he is gone I plan to do some sewing for next-door Sarah and catch up on some projects. Also, I plan to make some greeting cards to be sold at the church ladies’ annual Christmas auction.

I talked Rachel into going with us this morning by agreeing to take her shopping after I took her bird watching at the Village Creek Drying ponds in Arlington. This makes the 4th or 5th time I’ve been there, and sadly, many of the ponds were bone-dry–too much Texas drought. But we did find a few that had water and identified 20 species, including a bunch of Northern Pintail Ducks which were lifers for me. Yay, that makes my list up to 332. Rachel didn’t want to admit it, but she actually had a pretty good time seeing a few of her own lifers.

After that we went to the new outlet mall and wandered around in the heat. Yes, it is still over 80 degrees here. Rachel tried on several pairs of Nikes, but didn’t really like any of them. Then we headed for home and she went off to go bowling with her church singles’ group.

I just got a Skype call from Micah–he is just too cute! His hair is getting longer and redder! Sarah had an emergency root canal this week, but is feeling much better.

The other thing I did this week was go to a HS football game. Well, really it was to see the band and High Hats in honor of two of our church youth group girls who are in High Hats. I’ve recently started helping out with the youth (which mostly means I’m making a meal for them!).


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