Gary’s Home and Other News

Gary’s 12 hour flight from Seoul was on time this morning when I picked him up at around 9am. He went to bed right away and slept 3 or so hours and is still having a hard time staying awake until bedtime.

I spent the afternoon making some cute but rather time-consuming turkey desserts for the kids at the church’s annual Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow evening. Rachel will join us and she’s making–can you guess? green bean casserole.

I got several photos from Andrew this morning. They are in New York City for the weekend and took Isabella to see Mary Poppins after some fun in Central Park. Unfortunately, Bella got sick with a fever and they had to leave at intermission to take care of her. (Click on the photo to get a better look and you can see in one of the photos she does look like she isn’t feeling well.)

Speaking of sick, I think I’m getting a head cold. It has been a few years since I’ve had a cold, and now this one when I’m barely recovered from the pneumonia. Ugh.


One Response to “Gary’s Home and Other News”

  1. Carol Orwig Says:

    Hey Linda! Glad Gary made it back safely from Bangkok. I survived the ACTFL conference, with commuting from Lancaster. Early train on Friday was 5:35. Ugh. I’m overstimulated, but can take time between now and Christmas to digest what I took in.

    Now I’m on vacation! Sorry to miss the Thanksgiving dinner at church. That is always fun. I’m staying at the Bush house, but about to go to St. Thomas for church. They are already gone to Calvary church early service. Then I come back for lunch and move over to Erin and Alan’s house with the fairy godchildren! Gingerbread house here we come. I’ll have Thanksgiving Day with Sharon and Jim. Black Friday I’ll be sightseeing with Deb Kreider. Otherwise – who knows!

    Back to Dallas on Tuesday the 27th. I think Cindy Blood is going to be able to pick me up. We’ll see when I send her the itinerary. Poof. I hope the worst is over and I can relax a bit. It’s been mostly good, but rather busy. Oh! And when I get home I need a consultation on replacing the innards of the toilet in my spare bathroom. The rubber thing inside that keeps the water from leaking out (don’t know the technical name) is totally kaput, so I need to replace all that. I’m going to try to do it, if you can tell me what to get and what to do. Right now the water is turned off there.

    See you in a week or so.



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