A Word From Isabella

Isabella and her dad have gone to a couple Cornell hockey games together, and for this one it looks like that got some good seats.
photo (8)

If the players get tired if sitting on the bench, I guess they could play with Isabella’s My Little Ponies.
photo (9)

I don’t know where this photo was taken, but it looks like Isabella has joined a ceramics class and is painting some greenware (is that what it is called?).

That girl had to work pretty hard to write her letter to Santa and I had to work pretty hard to figure out what a Princes Celestia and a LaLaLoopsie is.

Laura started a new job this past week. She’s working with Catholic Charities to help new immigrants and refugees get settled in the Ithaca area. She helps with the legal things, job training, and job placement. I know she’ll be good that all that, and her knowledge of Spanish and French will help too. I haven’t heard what they have worked out for Isabella’s after-school care yet.

In other news, Rachel tonight starts her 4-nights-in-a-row Christmas Pageant at her church. It is quite a production–wish you all could see it. She doesn’t have any speaking part, but she is in the balcony choir and wears all black. Her job has been going well lately after the big rush at the beginning of the school year.

Gary is overworked and overbooked lately. That’s one reason I’m glad my job is rather stress-less. It wouldn’t work for us both to have stresful jobs.

I’m planning on decorating Christmas cookies this weekend and wrapping presents, trying to get packages in the mail soon.


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