On Their Way

Packages, that is.


It is always a good Christmas feeling the day I get my packages in the mail. There are goodies to be eaten right way–and shared with all who live nearby–and there are gifts to wait until Christmas (except for a couple that say “OPEN NOW”).

Special instructions:

  • Teresa, open the card before you fly south.
  • Mom, a couple unwrapped clothing items are included–if you can’t use them, just recycle.
  • Micah, open the gift from Auntie Rachel before Christmas.
  • Wendell and Judy, hard to know what to get you this year since you are downsizing, so I hope this works! If not, give it away.

Also, to save myself some cash, I sent these packages slow-boat, but they are still supposed to arrive before Christmas!

Next agenda item:  clean up my house–it looks like a wreck after getting these packages put together!


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