New Bird

We went to Granbury on Friday afternoon for our annual Christmas visit with our old Bible study friends and had a wonderful time–photos later! But I wanted to mention first that on our drive there we stopped at a park in Benbrook and did a little birding on Benbrook lake. I saw a bird I didn’t recognize and noted that it was colored like a Black-necked Stilt, but it was shaped and was acting like a grebe.

When I got home and could study my bird books, I concluded that it was a Western Grebe, a rarity for Texas. We’ll see if the Audubon police come after me since I listed it on eBird. 🙂

Western Grebe, photo stolen from Wikipedia

I went back and looked at my records, and it seems I’ve identified 38 new birds this year, bringing my life list up to 333.


2 Responses to “New Bird”

  1. Lois Harmon Says:

    A life list of 333 birds you’ve identified????? VERY IMPRESSIVE! Lois


  2. Linda Says:

    Thanks, Lois. But since there are approximately 10,000 bird species in the world, my list is pretty short. Birdwatching is a hobby I took up a few years ago after Rachel had a Science 101 class taught by an ornithologist and I helped her with her homework!

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