At around 1pm today the new Ethnologue website went live! This is a new website (there has been an Ethnologue.com for a long time) which is very cool, but the point is that this is new data, as in, Ethnologue, Languages of the World, 17th edition.

In the months to come there will also be a print version, but at over 1000 pages, you can see why people want it electronically more than on paper. Welcome to the 21st century.

Gary has been working extremely hard for many months, especially the last two, to bring this new Ethnologue to see the light of day. There are still mistakes to fix, pages to update, and things to add, but we’re taking a minute to be happy and thank God for reaching this milestone. Click and see for yourself: Ethnologue.com.

Welcome  Ethnologue - Google Chrome_2013-02-25_22-05-16

According to this new Ethnologue, there are 7,105 living languages on this earth.


3 Responses to “7,105”

  1. Janet Says:

    CELEBRATION is in order!!!!

    Well done!!!!!



  2. Linda Says:

    Yes, we are so happy it is “finished.” Really, lots more still to do, but it is a milestone.

  3. Ethnologue.com Ceremony | Linda's Family News Says:

    […] I already told you abut the new Ethnologue website going live last Monday. But today they actually had a little ceremony at work to make it public. The quality of this photo is very poor, but you get the idea: the three editors (one there in image only) flipped the switch. Gary gave a little demo about all the cool things this website does, including the colored graphs called Language Status Profile. After the ceremony he got invited out to lunch by the big wigs. I, being chopped liver, went home and ate leftovers! […]

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