Birding on Saturday with Micah

DSC09114Gary got home safely from his trip yesterday and we survived a bit of a snowstorm while he was away. It wasn’t really a storm, but it made driving treacherous on these very steep hills. David decided to walk to the bus stop. Micah went out and played in it for a while, but he didn’ t like it very much when he slipped and fell into the snow and got all wet and cold.

It was still cold this morning, but no snow, when we took Micah back to Juanita Bay Park to look for some more birds. We stayed 3 hours. He didn’t enjoy it all that much, but he put up with us and eventually fell asleep. We ended up seeing 29 species including a lifer, Virginia Rail–noisy little bird!

I’ve added more photos to my album, so you can see the snow and Micah’s first trip to the ice cream store.

Sarah seems to be doing pretty well, after a couple of rough days earlier this week.

Reports from Rachel are that she has gotten caught up from her vacation as far as work goes, and she’s trying to find some vegetables to eat!

Report from Andrew is that he went on a professional birdwalk this morning and saw 41 species, including 6 lifers!

OK, check out the album for more cute-Micah photos.


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