Birding While Babysitting

In spite of the fact that I’ve spent most of each day taking care of Micah, I’ve managed to add 8 lifers to my bird list while here in Washington:

Cackling Goose
Greater Scaup
Red-necked Grebe
Virginia Rail
Band-tailed Pigeon
Varied Thrush
Townsend’s Warbler

Three of these were seen in the back yard, and the others were at parks on Lake Washington. I think the Virginia Rail might be the rarest of these 8, and we wouldn’t have seen it if we hadn’t heard other people talking about it and telling us where to look.

Yesterday we had the day off of our babysitting duties (well, we had the middle of the day off while his other relatives took him to the zoo) so we went to Saint Edward State Park and to Union Bay Natural Area (aka the former landfill). The state park was beautiful and the walk down was kinda scary since it was so steep along steep ledges. The landfill wasn’t exactly beautiful, but it did have a ton of birds–we saw at least 30 species.

My web album is a sample of the 50 different species we’ve seen so far. Click on the Bufflehead photo below and go see the rest of the photos.

13-03-07 Birding in WA

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