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We arrived home very late Easter night and really, it seems like we completely missed Easter this year. We heard reports that our church choir worked very hard with presentations for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. Maybe I’ll have to go back and watch the video recordings.
I’ve finally finished adding cute Micah photos to my long web photo album, so this is the last time I’ll post it here. I’ve added photos of great-nephew Liam in the NICU in Portland, David in front of the place he will soon be working, and also Micah dressed up for Easter.

13-03-09 Visit to Woodinville

When I came home from work at Monday noon, this is what I saw in the back yard–ugh! a Turkey Vulture eating a dead skunk. And it smelled pretty bad too, though the vulture didn’t seem to notice. That evening I made Gary pick up the skunk with a shovel and deposit it somewhere in the woods so the vulture can find it again.


Yesterday’s chore was to fill the fridge,
today’s chore is to do laundry,
and tomorrow’s chore is to finish going through three weeks of mail.

Soon after that, got to finish the taxes!


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