It’s Friday!

Always glad for the weekend. Here is a photo for Isabella so she can see the pansies we planted last October. They have certainly taken on new life this spring. And the irises are ones her daddy planted years ago. (Click on the photos for a closer view.)
I’ve spent every spare minute this week working with fondant to prepare the decorations for cakes and cupcakes for two upcoming events–a baby shower and a family in our church that has two daughters graduating from two different colleges at the same time.
I also had a request for a last minute cake which I made to celebrate our choir director’s birthday. Not my best effort with the decorating but it was a pumpkin cake with walnuts and was very tasty.DSC09584

I’m not sure if this link will work, but if so, click here to go see the photo that my niece April had published today at the Grand Rapids Press Facebook page. Nice job, April!

Tonight Rachel and I plan to head out to do some shopping for the baby shower I’m making the cake for–yes, to buy Dr. Seuss books. 🙂

In other news, we got our IRS refund this week and so did Rachel, so that was nice.

I haven’t heard any more news from Wendi or Teresa so I don’t know how Liam is doing. And I haven’t heard from David and Sarah either, so I guess baby Emma hasn’t made her appearance yet. If anyone reading this has any updates, we’d love to hear them. 🙂

Speaking of news, I did send out our latest newsletter this week, at least I’ve sent out the electronic copies. I’ll have to hurry and do the paper ones now that I’m done with all the fondant stuff. It was mostly about the Ethnologue which continues to take up a alot of Gary’s time.

After the baby shower on Sunday afternoon I will turn my attention to my upcoming birding trip. I’ll be flying to Ithaca very early on Wednesday morning and the trip to New Jersey is Satuday and Sunday. Then on Monday I’ll meet Gary in Detroit, we’ll get a rental car and go visit mom and Deb and Jim. Sometime around this same time we expect to hear that baby Emma has arrived.


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