Welcome Emma Claire!

Emma Claire

Our daughter-in-law Sarah went in for a checkup yesterday and learned she was in early labor, so the dr. decided to go ahead with the C-section that had originally be scheduled for Friday. Sarah called David to come to the hospital from work and the baby was born at 11:55am Seattle time.

She was exactly 7 lbs and 19 inches long. Isn’t she beautiful??

I spoke with Sarah bit this afternoon and it sounds like she herself is in some pain, but doing pretty well. The baby is starting to nurse well and David had the day off. Not sure when she will come home from the hospital, but David does have to go back to work tomorrow.

Thank God with us for this new precious gift. We are thrilled to be grandparents again.

In other news, I arrived safely in Ithaca yesterday late morning and have been enjoying some time with the family here. The weather was absolutely perfect today, though I hear it is unseasonably cold in Dallas. Rachel is also still not feeling well and took her second sick day off work today.

I plan to do some fun things with Isabella tomorrow and then early Saturday Andrew and I leave for our two day birding trip.


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