Scared by Geese and Cranes

On our last day in Michigan Gary and I took a drive around Crystal Lake. I always like to go revisit my childhood memories and the weather was beautiful. We stopped at the public boat landing which used to be Grandma and Grandpa Shinabargar’s home. I spent lots of time there as a child but one would hardly recognize the place now. The lake is still there, of course, but the only other thing left is the pear tree.

Some where along the years, Grandpa built his own private pond on the back side of the road opposite the lake. He stocked it with fish and I’ve just remembered that I have a few photos of that pond from when we visited there in 1981. Andrew was about two and a half and he was being shown the ropes by my dad and my brother:
slide 0168

slide 0174

slide 0176

Anyway, we decided to go see if the pond had been filled in or if it was still there. There was no fence stopping us, so we tramped back there in the tall grass. Suddenly we were stopped short by the loud honking of a pair of Canada Geese that apparently had a nest there. Then a second later, another loud, scary honk, this time by a pair of nesting Sandhill Cranes! We stopped dead in our tracks–I didn’t want to be attacked by a Sandhill Crane! Gary ran back to the car and got my camera, and I was able to take this (crummy) video so you get the idea! Click the triangle to go see the one-and-a-half minute video posted on my YouTube account.


5 Responses to “Scared by Geese and Cranes”

  1. Brenda Howell Says:

    Cool video. I know where your grandparents lived. I had Mrs. Shinabarger for my kindergarden teacher.

  2. Linda Says:

    wow, that was some time ago! In Vestaburg?

  3. Marge waldron Says:

    I, too, drive around the lake to enjoy all the memories. I went to school with Vivian. That was along time ago in the 40’s and I graduated in 1951. Isn’t,t Facebook fun? Margie Grutter Stone Waldron

  4. Timothy Crater Says:

    That must make you related to me Wayne Shinabarger (Uncle Buck as I call him) is his son correct. He used to work withmy father way backwhen as a surveyer for the Star??

  5. Timothy Crater Says:

    Dad Would have liked to see the birds he is such a bird watcher, to bad he moved down to Texas after Mother passed away last month!
    Ahh such is life

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