Local Bird Walk

I got a tip about a Painted Bunting walk at our local patch, once called Greenhills, then called Dallas Nature Center, and now called Cedar Ridge Preserve. It was at 8am Saturday so I decided to go. There were 20 people there all looking for Painted Buntings. Since they live in my backyard and regularly come to my feeder I didn’t really go to see the Painted Buntings. Really I went just to see if the leader might point out any other new birds. Turns out he was really a naturalist, not a birder, so I did get some help with wildflower IDs!

Later in the day I found this Cooper’s Hawk trying checking out the birdfeeders in my back yard–and not for sunflower seeds!

In other news, we had a pretty quiet week and look forward to another one. I’m in the middle of making a “Quilt Cake” for the final meeting of Auntie Carol’s quilting class tonight. Photos to follow, of course!

Gary is trying to make travel plans to go to Maine in June (after he goes to Arizona in June) for a work thing, and somehow turn it into a visit to Ithaca for Isabella’s 5th birthday! And maybe a chance to check in with one of our three faithful supporting churches whom we never visit. Andrew should be home from Ethiopia by then too. A recent email from him said he is doing OK, but internet is not great.

I got a phone call from David this week saying they had a hiccup on trying to buy a house (unseen) in Portland, but they were still trying alternate ways to make it happen. Hope to hear that they have been successful.

Rachel has decided to take a week of her vacation to teach Vacation Bible School in June–that sounds like a noble way to spend her holiday!


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