Cake, Cake, and More Cake

Last Sunday we had a potluck dinner after church and my cupboard was so bare I had nothing to make except cake. A sheet cake, plain and simple, but sprinkled with red for Pentecost. (Note, Gary made me park our car as far away from the church as possible because it was covered with bird doo-doo.)

Then there was Sunday school class where we made tiny, individual cakes baked in the microwave as an activity with the kids. You know, Pentecost was the birthday of the church, so we made birthday cakes. 🙂

BTW, these tiny cakes are 3-2-1 Cakes: 3 tablespoons of mix (mix is one box of angel food cake mix mixed with one box of any other flavor cake mix); 2 tablespoons of water; then bake for 1 minute in the microwave.



Then I made another real cake for the last meeting of Carol Orwig’s quilting class that she has been holding at our church. She gave me a pattern to use called The Walls of Jericho quilt block, which I resized on my computer, then constructed out of fondant. I mixed two colors together to get the marbled effect, which gave me a different kind of “fabric.” She said the class loved it, and there were leftovers so she brought them to our office coffee break.


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