Friday Update (No Car)

Yesterday I tried to drive over to Rachel’s house in the afternoon and the car was running very rough. Then it stopped. I got it started again and took off. 100 yards later it stopped. Repeat. So I called the car repair place, happy I had their number in my cell phone. He gave me the number for a local tow truck and after 30 minutes of sitting on the side of Camp Wisdom, the truck arrived. The driver kindly took me home then dropped the car off at the local shop.

They called this morning to say that the squirrels or mice or rats had been eating the wires and that was all it was. He has fixed it already, and after Rachel gets off work today she will take me to pick up the car. Their suggestion was to put moth balls on the engine. Not so sure I like that idea, but I have to say that when we walked home from work and smelled moth balls coming from our neighbor’s car, we knew he had decided that solution would be worth a try. He had reported the same problem 6 weeks ago.

We don’t really have any big Memorial Day plans. I’m sure we’ll do some yard work and some house work and some Ethnologue work. Rachel and I plan to attend a wedding tomorrow, not sure if Gary will join us or not.

Special note to Wendell: I sent you a test email to your JUNO account a few days ago, asking you to reply. If you didn’t get it, then that proves what we had suspected earlier–somehow my address is blocked from your Juno account. Please email me back and let me know. (It seems I get your juno emails fine, but you don’t get ours.) Also, I guess that means we’ll have to keep sending to your Gmail account when we want to email you.

How do you like this photo of cute baby Hope? This is John and Jessica’s adopted baby wearing the Texas Rangers’ outfit that Rachel bought for her. Go Rangers!


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