Making Plans to Go Meet Baby Emma

2013-05-09 18.37.37

2013-05-20 20.17.38




20130525_084921It is time for a post about new grandbaby Emma. I’ve been hoping for some more photos, but it looks like I’m just going to go there and take my own! Actually, I’m glad to have any and all photos, since I haven’t yet been able to go meet that girl.

Rachel has decided to take July 22-26 off of work for her last week of vacation this year. She and I are going to use that time to go to meet Emma. We spent some time looking at airfares to Seattle, then today I spoke with Maureen (and a little word with Micah too who seems to be talking more and more!) and she said that she expected David and Sarah and kids to be moved into their new house in Portland by then. So it looks like we need to fly to Portland instead. Yes, they have picked out a house and are hopeful all the details will proceed such that they can close in early July. I’m praying with them that this will indeed happen, as this house, with its proximity to the Casey Eye Institute, will mean that David will not have to spend nearly so much time getting to work and back as has been the case this past year.

In other travel news, Gary has some work meetings in Maine in late June, and we decided that I’d use some more of his frequent flyer miles and join him as his workshop ended. We plan to get a one-way rental car and drive from Maine to Ithaca where we should arrive just in time for Isabella’s 5th birthday party! (Wow, where have the five years gone??) And another fun thing we’re planning is to drive to a small town in Vermont and visit John and Shirley Collier who own a house church. John is a professional sculptor, and was given a country church in lieu of payment for some work he did. Supposedly they have turned their church into a summer home and we are going to go see how it has turned out. Should be great fun! Besides visiting Isabella and her parents, we hope to get a word in at Bethel Grove Bible Church who has supported us for many years.


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