Good Morning!

I’m up early this morning since I had to drive Carol to the airport. (Tomorrow I have to take Gary to the airport even earlier.) So I guess I should write an update since I am up so early.

Sunday our internet went out and when the guy came on Monday to fix it, he had two things to tell us. First, the workmen who had been here working on the internet for the neighbors managed to break OUR internet. Second, it was about to go down anyway because the squirrels were had been chewing those wires too! That is getting to be an old story around here!

Yesterday Rachel and I tried out a new restaurant for lunch. This was part of her stay-cation, trying to find something fun to do in the afternoons after teaching VBA. She wanted to try a hibachi place and it turned out to be a lot of fun, if a bit pricey. The chef did his acrobatic show with food and utensils–note egg flying up in the air!

It was fun to watch, but even more fun to eat! Very tasty!
After lunch we went to Home Depot and I bought Rachel her birthday present. Nothing says Happy Birthday like a string trimmer!
The Home Depot - Google Chrome_2013-06-12_08-00-46
Next it was ProCuts where Rachel got her summer hairdo. I’ll need to post an “after” photo sometime.
Lastly, we went swimming at Rachel’s pool for the first time this season. It felt really nice. And it reminded us that exactly a year we were doing this with Micah:


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