Happy Father’s Day!

Gary isn’t home yet, but will be soon. His kids called to wish him a Happy Father’s Day, but they ended up talking to their old mom instead. This photo was from a week ago.
David said their house closing date is July 3 and they are still hoping all goes smoothly. He starts work July 1, so will have to find other housing for a few days, probably with some relatives of Sarah’s who live in Portland. He finished his Step 3 exams, but it will be some time before he knows how he did on them. They are busy with Brian’s wedding next weekend and getting ready to start the moving process.

I had a nice chat with Andrew, too. He’s home safely from Ethiopia and not having too much jet lag. He told me they went to Party City to prepare for Isabella’s upcoming birthday party and it looks like My Little Pony beat out Barbie for this year’s theme. In particular, Pony Rainbow Dash. I’m going to try to make her a themed cake without the benefit of my own kitchen and cake decorating tools. We’ll see how that goes!

As for Rachel, she had a rather understated week-late birthday get-together at her house last night and has 2.5 frozen chocolate pies left over to prove it. Actually, her dad gets one as his Father’s Day gift! Her week of vacation–VBS in the mornings and goofing off in the afternoons–has come to an end and it is back to work tomorrow. We went swimming a couple times this past week, and her new short hairdo makes that easier to managed. (I forgot to get a photo!)

As for me, I’m busy teaching Sunday School with combined classes–trying to make it work for Pre-K to 6th grade is a bit of a challenge, but not too bad when I’ve got other teachers there helping. Next week it will just be Gary and me–and I guess I better warn Gary! I’ve also gotten myself into a new position as intern mentor for a young lady who is interning at the Center this summer. At first it sounded like an easy and simple thing, but every time I talk to them, the job seems to grow! Speaking of, I went with this group on an outing last Friday to the Hong Kong Market and did a little “birdwatching”: (I hope you can read the fine print.)


Today the first (and likely last) all-women’s choir performed at church for Father’s day. It was OK, not great. But we also had a great number done by the boy’s choir:

OK, need to wrap this up and head to DFW.


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