Catching up with Some Photos

I am about to go on a trip where I will no doubt take a bunch of photos, so I guess I better post my current ones. The Painted Buntings have been at my feeder almost every day, but I haven’t seen the male in a few days.
The next two photos are from some weeks ago. Can you tell what you’re seeing? A fairly large bird, maybe a Cardinal, flew into the sliding glass door and left quite an impression in feather dust!
After my fun birding trip with Andrew in May I started looking for one of these new style belly bags. Turns out they’re actually called lumbar packs, and I got this one for only $20. It seems a bit easier to manage that a back pack for birding walks.
Our church had its annual Rangers game outing last week, but I accidentally double booked myself so I didn’t actually go. I found an MK who was happy to have my ticket so she went with Rachel and Gary and another friend drove them all. So here you have a picture of a pitcher honoring the pitchers who play for the Rangers.
We love our trees, but it seems they are getting old, just like us, and starting to die. We’ve recently lost a couple large branches and who knows what that has done to our roof?
And remember all that effort to remove the tree right by the front door? It seems that “life finds a way” (quote from Jurassic Park!) and this tree is trying to regrow in spite of being cut down and the stump ground down. The tiny bit of the stump that grew under the sidewalk has resprouted. I’m probably just going to let it grow since I didn’t want to cut that tree down anyway!

In other news, Gary should be arriving in Maine just about now and meeting some colleagues at the airport then drive to Auburn where they will have work meetings for two days about building dictionaries. I will fly out there Tuesday afternoon and meet Gary after work from whence we will start a little vacation.


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