Fixing Andrew’s Clock

Andrew made this nice clock for us during wood shop class in 1997. The clock is an battery operated one, and recently the battery leaked and ruined the works. So the clock died. I tried to fix it, no luck. I tried to find a replacement, but that didn’t turn out to be as easy as I hoped either. Yesterday I managed to solve the problem by cannibalizing the blue clock and putting its electronics and hands onto the original clock’s face, then reinstall with some hot glue. Yay, it works! But we did notice that the new hands are not nearly as nice as the old ones–they are in the “wrong font.”






One Response to “Fixing Andrew’s Clock”

  1. Rachel Simons Says:

    Yay the clock lives on! I am sooooooo glad! That was like the fanciest thing in your house. 🙂 I guess sometimes cannibalizing things comes in handy, huh!

    Thanks for going to the concert with me tonight! I’ll let you know how that CD turns out.



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