Pretty Much a Fail

I packed this queen-sized air mattress into my carry-on and brought it home to Dallas from David and Sarah’s house in July. The mattress had failed us (well, David, in particular) last March when he tried to sleep on it and woke up the next morning on the floor. I had this great idea that we could easily find the leak by blowing it up and taking it to Rachel’s pool. And so we did.

No, that didn’t work. We tried, but could not find any leak in the edge seams or anywhere else. Then a couple weeks ago I found an electric pump with a universal nozzle at Aldi’s for $5, and blowing it up with this pump took exactly 1 minute–much faster than the battery-powered pump. So Gary and I tried to sleep on it last Friday. We slept OK until about 5:30am, when we decided to add more air. Yes, it does have a slow leak somewhere, but maybe it would work well enough to take it camping? We want to go camping as soon as it cools down a little!

Another fail was this print job at the office. My printer produced 73 blank pages before it printed the one page I asked it to.


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