Itsy Bitsy Spider?

When I looked up to the beautiful morning sky on the way to work, I noticed a bunch of spider-webby looking things caught in the electric wires:
They were all over the place and I was so taken by whatever they were, I went back home and got my camera.
When I got to the center, I found more of these strings on the bushes. I collected a sample.
I was telling about this at work coffee break, and before long someone sent me a link to explain what this was. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person in the metroplex to notice these threads–they were covering several cities. Turns out they really were spider webs, but just not the normal ones we know of. It is a phenomenon called ballooning. Of course, the odd thing is that it is rather hard to believe that all of the county’s spiders do this all on the same day?? By the end of the day, all the local news channels had little reports about it, quoting university entomologists.

In other news, I finished a cake today for one of my coworkers who was having a dinner party tonight to celebrate her son’s engagement.
Mark Hovland engagement to Damla


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