News Flash!

Isabella has just lost her first tooth. Yes, that is one of those milestones along life’s journey. I just spoke to her on the phone–she pulled it out all by herself while at school and the teacher saved it for her in a paper cup. She seems to be fully aware of the tooth fairy’s responsibilities, and she has her piggy bank ready for the proceeds
And here is an earlier photo of her that I forgot to post:
photo (1)
And here is one of cute baby Emma, who is starting to look like her brother a little, don’t you think?
2013-09-24 08.34.17

Rachel is headed out for a weekend with the ladies from her church, so we won’t be seeing much of her for the next couple days. Maybe we’ll do some early morning birding after dropping her off at her church tomorrow morning where she will catch a ride on the church van.

If I don’t go birding, I should work on making decorations for a big cake I’m doing on Oct 18. 200+ servings! Yikes, I hope I don’t regret this. I’m planning to make one big cake, and the rest cupcakes. This will be for a party to honor a couple who has worked 63 years with Wycliffe! I’m planning to decorate with yellow and purple pansies, if I can pull if off. Here’s a photo of my first try of a large pansy made out of some light blue gumpaste I had leftover from another project.

If this doesn’t work, I could make REAL pansy flower decorations. Pansies are edible, and you can “preserve” them by coating them with egg white and castor sugar.


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