Home from Camping

The weekend we chose to go fall camping turned out to be still way too hot! We kept expecting cooler temps, but ended up wishing we had packed tank tops and sheets rather than sweatshirts and sleeping bags!

But still, it was nice to take two days off work and have a very low-key camping trip at the near-by state park. It wasn’t as fun as going camping with Isabella last October, but it is always nice to be out side and do some birding. Best birds: Lifer Merlin and second sighting of a Common Yellowthroat.

Rachel and her friend Adrianne joined us Friday after they got off work, and Rachel tried out her new “instant” tent–it was a great success! Somebody was a genius for figuring how to engineer that! It really can be set up and taken down in less than a minute, even by a couple of girls. 🙂

Now we’re home, and doing lots of loads of laundry, and cleaning up the mess. We are both pooped, but I think Gary still plans to mow the lawn later. And I have to finish getting my Sunday School lesson ready.

Here is the photo album of the photos from the trip. Click below to go to the album, then find the slideshow mode so you can see them in large size.

13-10-10 Camping Cedar Hill SP

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