Weekend Wrapup

This weekend didn’t go entirely as planned, but not a bad weekend. On Friday evening we watched a movie that Isabella recommended–Monster’s University. Turns out she got too scared to watch it to the the end when she saw it!

Saturday lunch we served sandwiches to the church kids so they could eat before Christmas play rehearsal, so that kept me busy for a while. I then had to go through a host of angel costumes to make sure they fit our little darlings.

Then Rachel and I had a fun time wrapping Christmas gifts we had already bought–we’re getting an early start this year. Someone is going to have fun with all the styro peanuts like we did:
Today we did our Sunday School duty. Gary taught the Bible story of Samuel in his class. He related this funny story afterwords. He said he forgot the little girl’s name and so he asked her, “What was your name again?” He said she looked directly at him and said, “You know what my name is.” Ha! She got him! But then he went on to say, “At that very moment her name popped into my head–Whew! Dodged a bullet there!”

My class made a very nice Thankful wreath, but I forgot to take a photo of it! Maybe later.

Not sure what possessed me, but I decided we needed to do some serious housecleaning. Moved all the furniture out of the living room and then vacuumed and ran the carpet cleaner. Our 17 year old carpets are looking pretty sad, and cleaning them doesn’t really help much, but psychologically I know they are cleaner! That big old dictionary adds ballast to help the machine suck the dirty water out.

The big annual church Thanksgiving dinner was to have been this evening, but it was canceled due to possible bad weather. Yes, it is cold, but no, it didn’t need to be canceled. In any case, Carol invited us over and we ate a pre-Thanksgiving meal with her.

Gary also managed to “watch” football today:


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