Bad Weather, Day 2

No work today–it was canceled. I went out this morning and took some photos which you can see in this album. Use slideshow mode to see larger photos.

13-12-06 Winter ice storm

I loved having a day off. I spent it just doing odds and ends around the house, desk, and computer. I got Gary to help do that biannual chore of cleaning out the dryer vent so we don’t burn the house down.


I also packed up some more of the goodies for mailing:


Many folks have been without power, but we’ve had no problem. So thankful for a warm house (but I sure wish we had better windows–I feel the cold pouring in around the glass). Here’s a photo of an electric and electronic space heater I saw at Sam’s club last week. Crazy!

Since Rachel has a stay-at-home job, she didn’t get a day off work, but she did have a break in her work when her internet went out for a while. All Christmas activities that she and we had planned for tomorrow have been canceled as the temp is not supposed to get above 25 tomorrow and thus the ice won’t melt. I feel sorry for the girl next door who is supposed to get married tomorrow!


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