Bad Weather, Day 5–Still Icy

Schools were closed again today as well as our place of business (though I know some folks went to work anyway). We didn’t complain, we just worked from home in our pajamas. (Well, someone stayed in his pajamas all day, but not everyone!) My project for the day was to seriously attempt to write all my Christmas cards to supporters (and a few others). It has been a long time since I’ve done that much handwriting in one day! I was happy to drop them off at the PO late this afternoon when we finally went out.

This ice episode has taught Gary a new word: spud. Turns out we have one and it worked great to break up the ice on the driveway, but Gary had never heard of such. Our neighbors were happy to borrow the spud for their driveway also.

Rachel asked if we could come take her out for dinner. She was getting stir-crazy from being stuck at home. We managed to get our of our driveway ok, and the roads were pretty good, but her driveway was treacherous. In the end we went to City Taco for dinner and then to Tom Thumb for some groceries. Good thing we didn’t need bread, huh?

This scene was repeated many times across the aisles. We will go back to work tomorrow, but it is below freezing again tonight so it will still be a mess tomorrow.

Sarah posted this sweet photo of Emma who got her Christmas present from her GreatGrandma:


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