Party and Sick

Yesterday was our department’s annual Christmas luncheon. It is a sandwich potluck affair, nothing too fancy, but a nice time to chat with coworkers. We had a couple fun games to play and sang some Christmas carols. There was an award for the best dressed. Someone had left a bag of giant marshmallows in the office, so I turned them into green Rice Krispy Christmas trees.





I went to the department party even though I wasn’t feeling well. I guess I have a bad cold or the flu, and I’m not the first person in our office suite to come down with it. By evening I had a fever and a seriously bloodshot eye which doesn’t even want to stay open. I was supposed to be a practice for our Sunday School play right now, but Gary ever so kindly agreed to step in as costume mistress and sandwich maker (we feed the kids before practice). I sent him with instructions, so I hope everybody finds the right thing to wear.


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