It is Beginning to Feel a Bit like Christmas

This has been a somewhat lackluster Christmas season so far. I think a lot was the big ice storm that canceled two of our our annual choir events where we would be singing lots of Christmas music. Then I was sick before the ice storm with one thing and sick again after it with the flu. So I’ve missed a lot of Christmas events.

Today our choir tried again by singing carols at the local old-timey drug store, and it felt good to do that. Lots of folks sang along and some folks seemed genuinely uplifted by the music.

Then tonight we went to our friends house in Arlington and met up with our old Bible study group for a lovely dinner. The best part was seeing Dave Barnett since he had a lung transplant 8 weeks ago. He was looking good, but still has a ways to go on his recovery.

After coming home we found this cute photo of Isabella who had gotten just what she be wanting for Christmas–a blue light saber! Andrew had watched Star Wars with her last weekend so she was all primed for this gift!

Now I need to go finish the last bits of my Sunday School lesson. Tomorrow evening we have two different church services to attend and then there is Christmas Eve service.


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