Advent and Christmas 2013 in Dallas and Goodbye, Picasa :-(

Sometimes people make fun of me for taking too many photos.  But my photo hobby has come in handy lately when I have recently been asked the following:

  • Can you write an article for church and add a photo from last year’s event?
  • Can you send me photos for a project I’m working on.  You must have some…
  • When did we do X?  Oh, yeah, we have a labeled photo of the event.

I don’t think I took as many photos as ususal this season, but I did take a bunch.  Here I’ve condensed the collection into an annotated photo album.  I have been trying hard this past year to keep using the old familiar Picasa Web albums for my online photos, but Google has beat me down and I’m afraid I’m going to have to go over to the dark side and use Google + Photos.  You will notice, if you haven’t already, that the user interface is different.  But don’t panic or give up!  Just take a bit of time to explore the icons and how they work to view the album.  There are captions on most of the photos, but not all.  They can be seen in a panel on the right, or if you are in Slideshow mode, they will appear at the bottom of each photo.

Click on the photo below to go to the album.  Then start by clicking on the first photo which should make it larger.  Then you can use the arrows to go through the photos or choose slideshow mode if you want.  Sorry it is yet one more thing to learn!


After I finish this project, I’m putting stuff away.  No, not the Christmas decorations, just finding a place for all the new gifts and throwing out some old stuff.  And doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and all those normal things.  Gary is “relaxing” too, writing a co-authored text book with no one to bother him.  Oh, and I have to go over to Rachel’s house to figure out if her dishwasher is repairable or must be replaced.


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