It is Saturday, but Gary’s at the office and Rachel is supervising some friendly children who are raking leaves in her backyard, so I’m on my own at the moment. Good time to write a blog. It seems a little too soon after Christmas to have a holiday, but indeed the Center is closed on Monday so we are about to have a long weekend. Except it seems like not too much fun this weekend since Gary just left for the office–you know, to FINISH the Ethnologue–and informed me that I better plan on doing the same on Monday! We’ll see…

Before he left, Gary ceremonially left this empty tin on the countertop, indicating that he is now anxiously awaiting next Christmas when my mom always sends him a fruitcake. (I don’t touch the stuff!) He metes it out in thin slices to make it last nearly two months, and it claims it gets better with age.

Let’s see, what other news to mention… David and Sarah called us this week to discuss the possibility of us going out to visit them sometime this spring. Sadly, Gary has not even met Baby Emma yet and he needs to do that before she turns 1. I hope we can find a time to make that work.

Our wireless router died this week, so I went to BestBuy and bought a new one and installed it successfully. It took slightly longer than the two minutes the salesperson said it would, but by the end of the day we had all our network elements back up and running. Somehow, it seems we now have 3 networks–a 2.4 GHz, a 5 GHz, and a guestnetwork for our apartment visitors. And I was able to install my compact outboard disk drive to the router so that all people on the network can backup their files.

Speaking of travel, we have pretty much decided that Saturday August 2 will be the day to celebrate my mom’s 80th birthday (a few weeks late). It is extremely hard, I am finding, to select a date on the calendar when all our kids can get off work at the same time so we can all gather in MI for this event, but we are trying to make it happen. Indeed, time is much more precious than money. We are looking at a HomeAway.com vacation rental cottage in Crystal as a place for people to sleep and it looks like the gym at the church where mom, Deb and Jim attend would be available for the party.

In other news, isn’t this cute? Carol Orwig is knitting us a nativity set from the book I got her for Christmas: Knitivity.

Today is my “count day” for the Project Feeder Watch. We are having quite a few birds at our feeders these days. Do you see Goldfinch, House Finch and Chipping Sparrow in this photo?

OK, I think I’m running out of things to say. We did enjoy a very nice formal dinner party last night at the home of Wycliffe friends, a farewell dinner in honor of Karl and Joice Franklin who are moving to Waco March 1 to be near their daughter. They are both many years past retirement age, but still have parttime jobs here at the center. They’ve kept in good health until recently Joice had some kind of rare cancer in her jaw/ear area and an even more rare proton treatment for it. She seems like she is doing very well now.

Speaking of good health, I had my annual physical this week and Gary has his next Wednesday. The dr. was worried that my blood glucose test was high, but a second hemoglobin A1c test showed that indeed it was high, but not so high as to be diabetes. So that was good news. All other things like cholesterol, blood pressure, liver, thyroid, etc were good. Her only advice was to get more exercise which might help with the pre-diabetes.

OK, now to find a project to keep myself busy today. I have an idea for a sewing project, making a fabric carrier for a 9X13 pan. But I also need to find a way to block the mice from getting into the house via a hole in the furnace closet. 😦


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