Red and Orange

The end of January is the time of year that I have the greatest variety of bird species in the back yard. So far this month I’ve seen 21 different species in the backyard:
Detailed Month Report - Google Chrome_2014-01-23_20-40-08

Today there were lots of House Finches as the weather got colder and colder. One of them was orange instead of red–unusual, but not rare.

In other news, Gary had to work tonight with a skype meeting that went 7-10pm. Rachel is at a professional training event in Lewisville and I have to go pick her up at noon tomorrow.

I’m in the middle of making a cake for a party on Saturday–a young lady from church is off to the Navy. My cake will have an anchor!

Andrew and his family are in misery with the extremely cold weather they are having. Yesterday he texted me saying it was -17F and the wind chill was -30! Isabella’s school was canceled, but not Laura’s work.


3 Responses to “Red and Orange”

  1. Lois Says:

    I didn’t know Carolina Wrens went as far as Texas! We have a little plush indoor Carolina Wren which sings an authentic song!

  2. Mary Says:

    I don’t know why but birds just don’t like me. I put out feeders and they just won’t come to my house. I saw just one the other day and it was sitting on the trunk of the tree, pecking at the bark. Hoping to find insects, I guess. It was about the size of a mockingbird, gray with one streak of yellow down it’s wing.


  3. Linda Says:

    Hey Mary,

    sometimes it takes a while for birds to get used to coming. Do you put out water? It is so dry these days lots of birds are needing water to drink.

    I wonder if the bird you saw was a Northern Flicker? It is a type of woodpecker that has yellow on the underside of its wings.


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