Time for some Grandbaby photos

Cold. It has been so cold this winter, even here in Dallas. Michigan and New York have been very cold too. Here’s a photo of Isabella today:


She likes the cold enough to go to a hockey game and get a souvenier:


I’ve gotten a couple cute photos of Micah and Emma lately. Micah seems to like to cover Emma with “all cars” or “all letters!”



It seems he really likes his baby sister too!


In other news, Gary is working too hard to finish the Ethnologue and be prepared for the Pike Fellows retreat next week. I’ll have to do a post on that later, but in short: he is hosting an event with 16 (plus him and me) people which will be held for three days at Mt. Lebanon (a Baptist camp just a bit south of here) Feb 11-14. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I have to do all the cooking for the retreat (and do so with two people gluten-free, one lactose-free, one vegetarian, one vegan, one no avocado, and one no cilantro. Should be simple–rice and beans three times a day!


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