Busy Week Coming Up

The Pike Fellows Retreat is coming up this week and we are both busy getting ready. I’m trying to be busy preparing but not getting stressed out in the process of making sure I have all the ingredients, remember to take all the extra pots and pans, and that what I make will suit everyone’s dietary restrictions. Here’s some of the food we’ve collected, but still more to buy:


Besides the food, I’m trying to pull together some photos that represent our interaction with Ken Pike. Of course, that includes our wedding. I also just dug out the letter that Ken wrote to us for our 25th wedding anniversary celebration (we’re still giving kudos to Andrew for pulling that off!). Maybe I can post some of those later.

The retreat starts with the evening meal on Tuesday. I hope I’ve gotten rides from the airport for everyone who needs them. Besides the logistics I’m working on, Gary is trying to prepare so that this will be a content-heavy retreat. Oh, and he’s trying to finish the Ethnologue too.

These next two photos are for my mom and sister. Do you remember that Grandma S had a cookie press and always had a cookie jar full of these when we went to visit? And mom, didn’t you have a set of dishes like this? These are some of my recent finds in the boutique!


David and Sarah had snow this week, like we did, like almost all my relatives did! They live on a very steep hill and David sent a video of Sarah trying out the snowboard for her very first time! They also sent photos of the kids out in the snow:

Last photo is one of Baby Emma and her grandma:


One Response to “Busy Week Coming Up”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Wow, do I remember that picture of grandma Linda, sitting on the piano, framed with her little bronzed shoes!! And the dish pattern, didn’t everyone have that, or atleast a few pieces, I wish I could remember the name of it, something wheat of course. Thanks for the memories!!

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