Cleaning Out the Rats

This weekend I’m working on cleaning up after the rats, and getting them out of my house. One at a time.


Just did a careful vacuuming of the storage room/sewing room/library–yuck. We know of a couple places the rats and mice are getting in. If the Ethnologue would ever get finished, maybe somebody would have time to fix the holes? Which reminds me, I wish I had taken a carpentry class somewhere along the way! Most of my carpentry training was in Jungle Camp when we made, appropriately enough, rat-proof boxes.

In other news, the weather has been great, but they say we’re getting more cold. We have had wild temperature swings all winter. The front yard has been mowed already and now we’re expecting another freeze on Monday.

Rachel and I went to see The Magic Flute at UTArlington last night. Opera is not really my thing, but the principle magic flute player is a friend and former pianist at our church.


One Response to “Cleaning Out the Rats”

  1. Weekend of Work and Fun | Linda's Family News Says:

    […] anywhere close, and more to the point, the costumes were chewed and covered with rat droppings from our infestation over a year ago. […]

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