…has not been the greatest day in my life, but we did enjoy a short walk during lunch hour at the local Audubon center (after driving back to Mt. Lebanon retreat center to fetch Gary’s missing purple sweater). Recently they’ve done away with their fees, and now we can just stop by whenever. We saw these shy trout lilies and a Carolina Wren was hopping around the exposed roots of this tree.




In other news, we caught another mouse. Ugh. This time with Honey Nut Cheerios in a snap trap.

Rachel is on spring break next week. No big plans, but we’ll try to find some fun things to do. Probably we’ll all go see the new Son of God movie. Tomorrow she and I may go see Peter Pan put on by the local community college musical theater.

The Ethnologue is continuing to drag us down. So, so many details to get right, not just for the content, but also for print-on-demand books, implementing a feedback mechanism on the upgraded website, and getting lots of people to do their parts to make it happen at the same time.

We got our monthly paycheck today and found one of our churches missing. Hope that was just a temporary oversight!


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