Wrap-up from our Portland Trip

We really enjoyed our 10 days in Portland. I wish we didn’t live so far away so we could be more a part of our grandkids lives. Alas, we have to make do with short but intense visits!

David and Sarah seem to be doing pretty well. They actually took a 36-hour vacation to Vegas while we were there, thanks to some plane ticket vouchers from a family member. Micah and Emma didn’t have any problem with suddenly being left with strange grandparents, so that was nice.

David has a much less stressful commute to work than last year, and it seems like his residency is going pretty well even if he didn’t really talk about it that much. He did have a rough night when he was on call–almost no sleep that night. Sarah is now working at an oncology clinic one half-day a week, but has other things she wants and needs to do that relate to work: getting certified at a number of hospitals and doing a bunch of work to help their church set up a free community clinic. Micah goes to day-care two half days which he seems to like.

Emma was just starting to crawl while we were there, but also starting to pull herself up and gain standing balance. It seemed like she was learning a new trick each day we were there! And she’s such a cutie and so good-natured. Micah is a still in the terrible-twos in some ways, but is making good strides in potty training, playing with peers, and developing a lot of pre-reading skills. He loves his sister, sometimes a little too demonstrably! He was slow to start talking but seems to have entirely caught up and now is quite talkative with a great vocabulary. Both kids have smiles that will just melt your heart and both were quick to warm up to us even though we hadn’t seen them for many months! We miss them already!

I have put together a photo album of our time there with just a few captions. The events included time spent with Teresa and her kids and grandkids three different times, Emma’s dedication at church, and Sarah’s birthday. Gary and I also got to have a short visit with two different supporters. Click below to view the album.

14-04-03 Gary and Linda in Portland

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