Walking Boot




I finally got in to the orthopedic doctor late this morning and now have a walking boot. Both the dr. and his PA thought I was a “tough guy” for not taking painkillers. He said it would just need about 4-6 weeks in the boot, keep it elevated when possible, and “don’t mow the lawn.” (As if I would–that is Gary’s job!) No cast, no surgery, etc. so I feel thankful for that.

It will take me some time to get used to the clumsy boot, moving around with crutches or walker. I feel pretty klutzy. And there is actually some pain now since the boot is forcing my foot into a different angle than I’ve had it all week. Anyway, I’m feeling well enough that I plan to sing in choir at tonight’s Good Friday service.

Some friends have signed up to bring us meals–how nice is that?


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